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  Nantong LianZhong Machine Tools Co。,Ltd。博乐彩票开奖located at cuts, folds the production base Jiangsu Province Hai'an County, passes through many year unremitting efforts, the company has the hydraulic pressure and the numerical control upper roll multi-purpose -like oing machines; The hydraulic pressure and the numerical control suspend the type, the floodgate type plate cutter; The hydraulic pressure and the numerical control knee bend machine, the linkage folds the bender; The open-book equalization line and each kind of non-sign cut, the booklet, the volume engine bed's design and manufacturing capacity. The product widely is suitable for: The light industry, the aviation, the ships, the metallurgy, the measuring appliance, the electric appliance, the stainless steel product, the building and the decoration profession, the product best-selling nation, and sells in distant markets European and American and the Southeast Asia. Product quality and post-sale service depth user high praise.

  The company is the national mechanical industry key Shareholding system, has the abundant technical force and the advanced processing equipment, the production examines well appointed, the product uses the national standards production。 For many years, has devoted to forging press's research and the innovation, is spares no effort to the product sale and the post-sale service, in domestic and foreign established a more perfect collection pre-sale, to sell, the post-sale service successively in a body's subsidiary company, exhausted ability satisfies the domestic and foreign customers the demand。

  The new century, the new opportunity, unite the numerous engine beds and the general customers advance together hand in hand, communal development.

  The company all staff cordially welcome domestic and foreign user presence selects!

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Nantong LianZhong Machine Tools Co.,Ltd.
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